Multitech Consulting Int. Inc.

We are a consulting consortium of technologically enhanced global multi-disciplinary consultants. At Multitech Consulting Int. Inc., our mission is to provide you with technologically enhanced value-added business solutions..

What We Do:

  • Project Proposals
  • Development of Multi-national Corporations (MNEs)
  • Strategic Business Diversification
  • Leverage Financing Strategies
  • Education Innovation Solutions
  • Business Skills Training Solutions
  • Information Technology Apps Solutions
  • Sustainable Development Program Solutions

Anti-Racism Consulting

Task Specializations: Good Corporate Citizenship Program Development
  • Anti-Racism (AR) Training Programs:
    Groups and Individuals
  • Anti-Racism Corporate Programming Strategies:
    • Human Resources; AR Implementation Timelines
    • Access and Equity Program(s) Development
  • Policy Advice: Anti-racism Impacts and Effects of denial;
    perception, exclusion; isolation, withdrawal and depression
  • Economics of Loss in "Potenatial Output" etc.

How to Contact Us

E-mail specific inquiries to: Management
WhatsApp: (416) 206-7061
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